Sepehran Teb Iranian Company, under the management of Engineer Mohammad Hakimi, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of managing up-to-date and reputable medical and hospital equipment in the world, has been able to use its technical knowledge and scientific and scientific trade to produce industrial washing machines and machines. And hospitals in line with international standards and in the current conditions, despite the sanctions (impossibility of import or very high cost of equipment, the possibility of benefiting and using hospitals, hotels, etc. from the technology and standards of modern laundry and dryers in the world Provide with devices made in Iran.

Possibility of benefiting and employing hospitals, hotels, etc.

Provide the latest technology and standards in the world with Iranian-made devices.

Production of modern and advanced machines as well as the exclusive production of Sepehran Teb Company in the fields of manufacturing Batakan Amel roller iron

Washing machines 15-120-100 kg tunnel iron with a speed of 500 clothes per hour, which is produced for the first time in our country.

The golden leaf is another honor of Sepehran Teb Iranian Company