1- Warranty of products and devices according to the provisions of the contract. All products of the company have a guarantee that varies depending on the type of product and the provisions of the contract.

2. Servicing products and machines

application form

Survey Questionnaire

3- Annual customer service and maintenance contract (hospitals)

List of hospitals put aside

4- Part number

Order to buy the parts needed for the devices to be used and depots in hospitals. 5- Delivery: All devices and machines will be sent to the place by Baroush Company very safely after signing the sales contract due to the weight and sensitivity of the mechanical and electronic parts of the machine. 6. Installation of the application form According to the provisions of the contract, all stages of installation and commissioning of the devices are the responsibility of Sepehran Teb Iranian Company. 7- Training according to the high technology and up-to-date devices of the device User training of the device User training of the device is taught to all people introduced by the buyer (hospital, hotel, etc.) This has a very important role in the performance and longevity of the device . In addition, a user manual is provided to trained people.