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The construction of Sepehran Teb Iranian factory started in 1995. Construction operations, installation and commissioning of all required machinery were completed in a short time. The company, after passing specialized manufacturing courses in the world’s major companies (Natronic, Kongiser, German Stahl and Milnor America) and visiting the production line and inspired by modern technologies, all its Iranian products according to international standards and excellent quality and with The use of advanced technologies and the grace of God Almighty in the field of manufacturing medical equipment and laundry in various dimensions and weights began in our beloved homeland. Now these products have the ability to compete with all foreign models.Our core principles, such as honesty, honor and hard work, created growth in the industry and established our greatest asset, which is the name of trust and respect.


Sepehran Teb Iranian Company has been established by Mohammad Hakimi, an electrical and electronics graduate with 22 years of experience in medical equipment (including sterile centers, operating rooms, laboratories, medical gases, laundry, etc.). He has now limited his field of activity to the laundry and CSR departments of hospitals, and in recent years, following the cooperation with the Congress of Nosocomial Infection Control and the Ministry of Health, he has presented several scientific articles in the above congress and new solutions. Finding the cause of the spread of nosocomial infections in the laundry and CSR and trying to translate the most authoritative reference book for washing and maintaining clothes from the German company BOWE to train laundry personnel are among their other activities in this field.

Sepehran Teb Iranian, under the management of Engineer Hakimi, is currently designing, manufacturing and producing industrial laundry, dryer and autoclave with the latest technology in the world, and has produced many machines with the latest technology in recent years.

His other actions include designing a remote control system for laundry equipment, including planning and troubleshooting similar to the developed countries of the world, designing powerful washing machine software according to German Electrolux and Congser standards, designing a water recycling system for washing machines. Industrial in Iran (to reduce water and material consumption) and the design and construction of the first two-door washing machine with two-door basket and two-axis in Iran with a water intake of 650 RPM and all the equipment in the world.

Since it is no longer possible to continue the traditional laundry and dry cleaning, Sepehran Teb Iranian is always trying to facilitate the development and robotics of this industry in order to achieve the following goals :

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Advanced machines with the highest quality
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce water, wastewater and energy consumption
  • Minimize human error
  • Increase the quality of washing and ironing clothes
  • Speed ​​up execution
  • Reuse of energy, water and detergents
  • Highest reliability for staining and disinfecting clothes

Considering that the basis of work is service, design and engineering, this has caused it to work with most of the famous brands in the world and has passed technical and specialized courses of the desired devices and is fully acquainted with all technical problems and shortcomings. Be.

With dedication and respect Sepehran Iranian Medicine Engineer Mohammad Hakimi

Customers of Sepehran Teb Iranian

Sepehran Teb Iranian Company has provided installation, commissioning, programming, training and maintenance equipment for sterile and laundry centers of many hospitals across the country, including the following:

  • Tehran (Sterile Center)
  • Tehran Heart Center Hospital (Sterile center, laundry, laboratory and operating room)  
  • Iranmehr Hospital  
  • Bank Melli Hospital (Laundry and Sterile Center)
  • Laleh Hospital (Laundry and Sterile Center)
  • Dey Hospital 
  • Afzalipour Hospital, Kerman  
  • Shahid Sadoughi Hospital, Yazd
  • Razavi Hospital of Mashhad
  • Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran
  • Imam Khomeini Hospital in Ardabil  
  • Ophthalmology Hospital Look
  • Mehr Hospital
  • Pasteur Hospital of Bam
  • Shahid Rajaei Heart Hospital
  • Tehran Heart Center Hospital
  • Shiraz Namazi Hospital

Also with many research, educational and university centers in the country to provide laboratory equipment such as Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Tabriz Medical Sciences Research Center, Semnan University of Medical Sciences and standard administration laboratories and .. Has been active.

  The list of centers covered by the services of Sepehran Teb Iranian Company, many of which are still under the supervision and maintenance of this staff, is as follows:

  • Shahid Rajaei Heart Hospital (Milneur USA, Agricultural Engineer)
  • Bahman Hospital (Electrolux, Dr. Mahdavi, Internal Manager and Mr. Sales Engineer)
  • Noor Ophthalmology Hospital
  • Mehr Hospital
  • Razavi Hospital of Mashhad (Electrolux and Milnour Mr. Shahriari and Mr. Yadegari)
  • Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran
  • Imam Khomeini Hospital in Ardabil (Milneur USA)
  • National Bank Hospital
  • Noor Karaj Hospital (Natronic)
  • Kahrizak Charity Center (Electrolux Mr. Shir Mohammadi)
  • Pasteur Hospital of Bam
  • Najmieh Hospital
  • Noor Afshar Hospital (Electrolux)
  • Roozbeh Hospital
  • Bandar Gaz Martyrs Hospital
  • Pardisan Hotel in Mashhad
  • Sarab Imam Khomeini Hospital
  • Nikan Hospital
  • Milad Hospital, Tehran (Landry)