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Sepehran Teb Iranian Company is ready to cooperate with hospitals, etc. with the strongest technical team and the best after-sales service provider.
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Goals of Sepehran Teb Iranian Company

The advancement of our dear homeland’s industrial line is in line with the industrial line of developed and industrialized countries, which has caused the staff of Sepehran Teb Company to pass technical and specialized courses of the machines under the supervision of top European companies and to get acquainted with all technical problems and shortcomings. This company has the ability to manufacture and supply a variety of laundry and hospital equipment in our beloved homeland of Iran, and we have the full support of equipment, spare parts and their scientific and technical support in such a way that the supply of original spare parts if not available in the company’s internal warehouse Within a maximum of 2 weeks and in case of the need to send foreign engineers, this work will be done within a maximum of 2 weeks. The company intends to expand its products further and introduce it to the whole world.

Technical knowledge and effort

Relying on technical knowledge and the efforts of the company’s experts, we were able to break the embargo line and did not bend to carry out various industrial projects under the embargo. It has complete mechanical-electrical.

Completed projects

Shiraz Namazi Hospital
Basht health and treatment network
Newly established Talesh Hospital
Newly established Langrud Hospital
Imam Khomeini Hospital in Ardabil
Shiraz Organ Transplant Hospital
Shahid Rajaei Heart Center, Tehran


The laundry room is one of the most important parts of the hospital where the spread of various diseases and infections can be prevented. For this purpose, industrial washing machines, dryers and standard irons are used. How to arrange the devices, check the relevant facilities, separate the contaminated and clean part and prevent contaminants from entering the clean part is one of the most important principles that must be observed in this section.

Some reputable companies in the world active in the field of laundry

Products of Natronic Company

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